Petisi Change Org Justice For Audrey

Petisi Change Org Justice For Audrey

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Middle School Students Beaten by 12 High School Students in Pontianak. Starting from the Problem of Romance and Chat on Facebook. A junior high school student with the initials AU became the victim of beating up 12 high school students.

The junior high school student who was just 14 years old is currently undergoing intensive care in the hospital due to her injuries. The case of beating the junior high school students was also handled by the local police and continued to be developed in the investigation process. “We just got the file overflow,” Nurhasah said when interviewed on Monday (04/08/2019). Support eSport Web

He continued, in the process of developing this case, he would call the parents of the victims. “We will call the victims’ parents,” said Inayatun. Currently the victims of beatings who are middle school students are receiving intensive care. The examination was conducted at the Radiology Unit, Medika Partner Hospital, Monday (04/08/2019). Pontianak Mayor Edi Rusdi Kamtono asked the police and the education office to conduct further investigations into the incidence of violence among fellow students.

This is a bad precedent for the world of education in the city of Pontianak. Suspected beatings were allegedly 12 students from various high schools in the city of Pontianak Even now, an examination of the skull and chest is being carried out to find out the trauma caused by the beating. CHRONOLOGY The West Kalimantan Regional Child Monitoring and Protection Commission (KPPAD) held a press conference regarding the issue which was being discussed by the public about the persecution carried out by 12 students from various high schools against a student of SMP 17 Pontianak.

PPAD as an institution engaged in child protection will provide assistance to both victims and perpetrators. Deputy Chairperson of KPPAD, Tumbur Manalu, who was present at the press conference told the chronology of the incident. Tumbur Manalu explained, the incident of beating the victim who was a student of the junior high school two weeks ago. “Genesis two weeks ago, Friday (03/29/2019) but it was only reported to his parents, on Friday (5/4/2019) there was a complaint to the South Pontianak Police Sector.

Then we from the KPAD immediately received a complaint,” Manalu said when giving information at the KPPAD Office on Monday (04/08/2019). He explained that the victims did not report because they received threats from the perpetrators, the perpetrators threatened to do more cruelty if the victims reported to their parents.

The victim felt intimidated that he did not dare to report, but after being reported to the police, on that day there was a mediation process at the South Pontianak Police Sector, the process of his fingerprinting on the perpetrators was still ongoing, “he added. Tumbur Manalu told the initial chronology of the brutal beatings of 12 high school students towards the junior high school student from picking up the perpetrators of the victims at his home.

“The victim was actually at home, then the suspect from 12 people was picked up. Actually the main actors were three people and the rest helped,” Manalu said. Victims were picked up on the grounds that there was something they wanted to say and talk about. So like that, the victim was willing to go along with the perpetrators and be taken to Jalan Sulawesi. At the time of pickup the victim did not realize, he would be persecuted.

Because he was picked up by reason of wanting to chat. “When taken to Jalan Sulawesi victims were interrogated and brutally persecuted by the main perpetrators of three people and their colleagues who helped 9 people so that there were a total of 12 people,” he said. Victims were persecuted in two locations, besides on Jalan Sulawesi, victims were also persecuted in Taman Akcaya. Actually, based on the results obtained by KPPAD, the target of the perpetrators is not the current victim.

But the victim’s cousin’s brother. “The initial problem was because of a male problem. According to the info, the victim’s cousin brother was a former girlfriend of the perpetrator of this persecution. On social media they commented on each other so the perpetrators picked up the victim outraged by the comments, “he added. Victim’s Family Mute Meanwhile, the families of victims of persecution carried out by 12 high school students, chose to be silent when Tribun Pontianak confirmed it.

The victim initials AU (14) is currently undergoing intensive care at a private hospital in the city of Pontianak, he is traumatized physically and psychologically. He was also referred to the Medika Mitra Hospital to undergo an x-ray to examine the head’s head because it was hit on the asphalt and chest trauma due to persecution. But the family chose to be silent about the case experienced by UA. After inspecting Dada’s skull, he was taken back to the hospital right when he was treated intensively.